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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A new show.... this friday at 8

Friday will be my return to the stage after a month or so. I haven't been going to any readings or what not, just hanging around my house reading a lot. I have been bouncing back and forth between the Tolkein books and on line reading on serial killers, mostly at the crime library at court tv. I am still kind of at a loss as to what my next writing project will be. My confidence is way low. I haven't even been smoking weed, actually. Just reading and going to a few movies. I saw sideways and attack on precinct thirteen, both very worthy movies. I can't say that either were masterpieces or anything, but they were fun.

M. has been sick for like seven weeks, though this week she is better. As a result she is skinnier than I've ever seen her and looking very, very good. We went through a rough patch when I was doing too many drugs last month. They were prescribed valiums, but I still acted like an idiot on them and had, suprisingly enough, serious black outs.

We are advertising the reading for the first time this week, and expect a bigger crowd than normal. I am going to be reading all of my george bush stuff. I haven't written any comedy since my great depression last month. In fact, I haven't laughed really in weeks.

I did buy a few small canvases over the weekend, and will be starting some new paintings this week. Other than this, I am trying to put the Ridgway book together to send to this guy, Brock, and will have that done this week (it has been bothering the hell out of me that I haven't done so so far; there is nothing worse to me, internally, than not keeping my word).

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