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Saturday, April 16, 2005

DEAD CREEK's... WORLD PREMIERE....from Hombre Films.

Tonight was an interesting evening of about as underground as the cinema gets. We are talking one step away from watching student films being screened at the end of the semester. Uh, actually... there were some other shorts shown as well that were indeed from film school -- I had some seriously Nam-like flashbacks to attending columbia and watching dozens of these dreary productions of badly cliches spread out over long, long minutes of boring camera work.

DON'T GET ME WRONG... this is going to end up being a DAMN GOOD REVIEW of the feature film... DEAD CREEK starts out with a satire of directors and producers and actors doing the kind of commentary that one expects nowadays with all films. The boring, self-promoting actors and the guy who loves everybody and... They actually even used little bio's of white type, over blood splatters, making jokes about the various people talking in the mock documentary. One beefy guy on the crew had below his name, "Definantly takes it anally,' for a beefy guy who looked like a hick --good funny. A mock producer who made it out like he loved everybody and took credit for everything who was immediately deconstructed by the director--an amusing cat in elaborate black sun glasses, looking very 'Hollywood.' Another great bit had them forgetting to pick up a eviscerate dog prop, complete with bloody pig intestines. Some kids find it and poke it with sticks, and then the mother bitches at them for killing a dog during the scene (which they make clear they did not do, but when they say the dog was made out of wire, one wonders? Maybe I just missed something... Well, of course I missed a hell of a lot, of course).

There was a bizarre subplot with a homosexual actor proposing to his gay lover, which some on the set find beautiful (the Hollywood director), while others on the set keep punching him in the balls. ????? There were also an actor who said, in two different bits, that he thought he was in a zombie movie, not a gay coming of age zombie movie, which he seems to believe this one turned out to be.

I laughed a lot, and the effects were not gory or overblown. It was a silly movie that worked best as a mockumentary, maybe....

BUT the DVD we were watching the movie on kept having problems, to the point where we had to stop the film like ten times, take out the disc, clean it, do all this shit... We all felt so bad for the film maker. I mean, shit happens, and me and my crew were not about to let this destroy our buzz, you know. In fact, the one hitter got pretty hot before the show and during various bathroom breaks. I got like six people stoned, laughed a lot, helped make for a good crowd for a filmmakers worst nightmare -- the opening night from hell. He is going to email everyone and let us know when he gets the DVD problems figured out and can run the entire films. In fact, one you couldn't see much of at all...

Anyways, for the price of cup of java I had an interesting night in the city. The conversation was great, too....I also did a drawing which is supposed to be part of this review, and will be soon.... Dark, like they have been lately...

So, that is my unworthy review of a movie. The director will probably be rich and famous one day, but won't we all, eh???? Ha.

This mockumentary went on for about twenty minutes, and then, as one began to suspect as the talking heads and other shots.

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joe avella said...

Psycho Killer,

My name is Joe Avella, I'm one of the film makers that made Dead Creek.

The other day, I googled Dead Creek (I do every so often to see how hot the word on the street has gotten) and saw that you'd seen the film. Glad to hear you liked the making of featurette. It seems every one liked it much more than the actual movie.

Anyway just wanted to thank you for dedicating a portion of you time and blog to D.C. We just finished another film, this one¢s a comedy (on purpose). I¢m in the process of getting it online. When it¢s up I¢ll let you know.

Until then, be sure to look up Dead Creek on and feel free to leave a comment on the message boards. We¢re getting sick of reading our own comments?

The Notorious J.O.E.

Anonymous said...


Joe here again. We've got Dead Creek and a slew of other new shorts up on our web site. Check it out: