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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

killing wild boar over the internet???? oh, dog, we are so damned now.

From the comfort of home, one can point a real, loaded gun at an animal and click that deer or wild boar or rabbit or mole into meat. For an extra fee, you can get the head mounted and the meat delivered -- presumably butchered and packaged to appear like any other old herbivore.

The below article is about people being able to hunt and kill animals over the net. The creeps want you to think this will good for the disabled. Well, if they are mentally disabled, maybe, you know? Most people in wheelchairs probably do have the occasional, normal urge to kill (it is too normal and so are all those lists that I make), but they should, like the rest of us, rise above.

We have to be reasoning beings. Not hunters. The deer's overpopulation is kind of the half thinking man's excuse for getting that close to being a butchure, which could easily be solved with birth control (which I am sure the pope is against probably). Others cite some ancient need to be hiking around in the woods trying to kill stuff-- I say, grow as a culture and give it up; admit you are an often idiotic monkey and try to rise above your base impulses (at least until one is in a sanctioned zone consisting of consenting adults, of course).

I mean, we are trying to develop a society here, create a human geography of like thinking, like loving, like working, like living next to each other people. The goal would be the whole world, but you can really only do it around your freinds and family, strangers you meet in the day to day. One thing I do not want my wheel chair bound neighbor doing is clicking onto a site and killing a couple deers. The creep factor is too high to imagine without naseua.

And don't forget that this blog, and your every action, is developing your human geography, which then creates the culture that begets the society that you live within. An echo really is there, bouncing from one of these huge, sweeping issues to the next.

I make fun of the act of killing all the time, because this is part of reality, this death stuff, and better to have a bitter laugh than a tear.... yet animals actually dying, and especially at my hand, is an entirely different matter. This is too god like for me, no matter how much meat I hypocritically eat. I had my childhood experience with killing a bird with a bee bee gun. My best buddy shot a turtle dove and we cried afterwards as we slowly watched the panting, frantic bird die. I thought I was the only person who this ever happened too, having grown up around hunting uncles and neighbors and farmers who did all sorts of killing, until I was in college and a dr lindsay at university of toledo surprised me by saying, "Like the first time you shoot a bird, see it die, and decide that you are not going to be a hunter." He just kind of assumed that no one is his four hundred level, secular class on transcendence was weird enough to enjoy killing. English majors are not exactly known for being serial killers, of course; we get inside so many heads through the reading to think we are god like enough to snuff out the kinds of personalites that we discover.

This sicko article below is also being pasted into the scrapbook of mental pictures that are slowly driving us to become vegetarians. What they do to farm animals is too appalling to even contemplate/you will never see a calendar showing normal rockwell paintings of your favorite foods being slaughtered.

This time, even some idiotic advocates for the disabled get on the wrong band wagon.... There, now, if you can stomach the article, it is below....

They should have a website where I can go and shoot these people who are hunting over the net. Now that, I would spend a little bud money on (well, not the bud money).


A new form of hunting which allows participants to shoot wild boar and antelope by a simple click of the mouse is stirring up great controversy in the United States.
Online hunting has outraged animal rights activists, gun advocates and politicians from 14 states, all trying to get the sport banned.

Participants control a video camera and a gun by remote control, carefully monitoring animals on a remote shooting range via the internet.

News: Last tally-ho for legal hunts
Latest: Today's top news
A click of the mouse from the comfort of your own armchair can discharge a round of bullets. For extra money, the meat or animal's head can be shipped to your home.
Founders and members of insist the practice is ethical, and in particular allows the disabled to experience the thrill of the sport.

Pay-per-view slaughter

But the concept raises several ethical issues and critics have branded it "pay-per-view slaughter".

The first paid-for live shoot is scheduled to take place on Saturday on a Texas ranch, the only online hunting facility in existence. But activists and politicians are racing to get it banned before it can begin.

The website warns participants this is not a video game. "This is real," it says.

"What you see on your screen thru (sic) the camera is what is there. When you activate the fire control, you are sending a signal to the firing mechanism which discharges a round."

The website's founder, John Lockwood, admits the concept would not appeal to everyone.

"The idea of hunting this way doesn't appeal to me," he told the Christian Science Monitor (CSM).

"Most of us love getting into the field. But there are many that cannot."

He said the idea was born from working with disabled hunters but he lists a soldier in Spain among supporters who wants to send meat to his family and a soldier in Iraq who simply misses the sport.

Mr Lockwood claims opponents simply do not understand how the system works and quite how many safety procedures are in place.

"I am in full agreement that there needs to be legislation and regulation controlling it," he said. "But people are under the impression that this is a slaughtering machine and that's not what it is."

Calls for ban

Groups joining forces to ban the practice are as diverse as the Humane Society of the United States, trophy hunting organisation Safari Club International and the National Rifle Association.

Michael Markarian from the Humane Society told the CSM: "Nobody ever said the wilderness had to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

"That is no justification for this practice, and it doesn't give (disabled) people a true hunting experience anyway. It's pay-per-view slaughter."

Virginia became the first state to ban internet hunting and Texas has proposed a ban for killing animals native to the state.

A Bill to outlaw online hunting for any species will be heard in the Texas House of Representatives next Tuesday.

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