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Sunday, April 17, 2005

welcome to the post environmental age

Below is a link to a new animal, just discovered. Better look quick because the poor, ugly little thing isn't exactly pet material so you can expect its extinction soon. Yes, this is the thesis statement...

We think that keeping these animals in zoos will preserve them for the future, like the pyramids... leave it to mystically addled humans to make every other creature on the planet evolve until large, hair less beings that look like curds of cottage chesse. What else could they look like after evolving to live in a cage for thousands of years being fed for nothing. They will get bored of pacing, and one day just sit there and gawk back at us... I mean, you can't even give animals treats at the zoos anymore, and let me tell you, in the opinion of my dear husky girl Ruby, and the remaining Kitty Bum Buk, this just ain't right. ... zoos, you can't even be against them anymore because there is no nature for them to go back to.

Funny, I came in here this morning to pretend like I could start a trend, be the first one to declare that this the post environmental era, and wrote this really sad essay filled with jesus juice jokes and other disgusting, Johnny Pain at his painwracked meanest.... then, between trying to get the picture to come up on my blog and moving the type around, I lost the essay. What can I say, the world needs less whining, right? Luckily my pills and a few bowls have hit me skull since then...

However, since my thesis here is how to save the world, which is important to me no matter how much you are laughing right now and how silly this will sound to me on after the surgery, when I expect to be on at least a few less pills, I am going to move one with my THESIS STATEMENT RELATED MATERIAL.

I am a reluctant carnivore. Embarrassed by my meat addiction everytime I see a cow or a pig or a chicken. The futility of what one man can do in this world and my poverty kind of combine to keep me on the edge of the idea of the costly switch to eating right. I mean, know that if we could do away with the entire meat industry in one fell swoop, the world be better off. I would like people to stop showing at emergency wards with unbelievable stories about why they have light bulbs in their asses to be passe' as well, but like war and taxes....

The dying off of all the forests that we are seeing now, starkly and nightly, is a storm that is settling over the planet, and the lightening is striking already. You should never do things like drown your mother in an oil slick... (unless she is on my list). Fire, destruction, wave after wave of ancient cultures flushed into tent cities....

Not that I don't think humans are just selfish enough to figure out some way to survive in our gray, concrete future. ... We will shuffle through zoo's and see the large curds of cottage cheese that once leapt from branch to branch, high above man's bafoonery.... and we will read the histories of these times with disgust.

Hey, maybe all those statistics showing a rise in apocalyptic thinking are really people, in some garbled way, reading the thoughts of all of the animals on the planet? I am sure some Kook believes this somewhere.

So, do not become an environmentalist terrrorist because it won't do shit. Animal lovers lost... the winners are wearing them as coats.

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