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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

revenge of the sith geeks


I know a lot of geeks. Had roommates and now friends who spend three to twenty hours a day? PLAYING Poker and snipers and world wars, Risk? AND THEIR OLD FAVORITE -- Dungeons and Dragons, which by strength of their ten plus years playing together, was their highest obsession? They play together only once a week, and what with all the other hours to fill in between, they all spend countless minutes playing the games by themselves ? Grand Prix Auto to Doom?.

One if them, Paul, got off going downtown a few days before the premiere of star wars; he had sword fights met other people who could talk intelligently about the Millennium. My ex roommate actually filled a wall with Star War?s figures? a sculpture and toy maker, he has various different ways of approaching the Lucas Universe. One as a craftsman, another the other as a child who just wants surprises and fun and to be ?blown away, and the collector who wants to make beauty for beauties sake. This guy, J.J., is attempting to avoid all references to star wars this month. He warns people at the door as they come in, ?Don?t tell me anything about Star Wars.? He wants the film to come to him as unexpected as possible? wants the plot, as much as is possible in this situation, to be a grand surprise for himself when he see?s this probably last installment. If a commercial comes on for SW he shreaks like a dying shrew, holds his hands over his ears and runs out of the room, yelling with his already normally too loud voice elevated by three levels, saying, ?Tell me when this is over.?

We were roommates when the last one came out, and hearing him screech like this every time a character from star wars
Came on the tube was annoying. You see the commercials everywhere, posters, etc? he doesn?t want any of it to enter his mind. I was so glad when the movie finally came out?. I think he got the dvd on the black market a week or so later, from a friend who traveled to Some half lawless country all the time to buy and import native crafts, like elaborate chess sets carved by hand

I like the commercials, myself? they tease me, just like they are supposed to?

ACTUALLY, I WANT TO SEE REVENGE OF THE SITHS so much that I have felt like I was going to pee for the last few weeks and it is getting worse every day?.

I was slow to warm to the last star wars film; ended up thinking they should have used the cut scenes that showed the princess and Anakin falling in love; ? The first time I saw SW2 , I was disappointed in Anakyn, as I had been in the last one, when that smarmy child played the potential jedi. The second Time I saw the film, I liked it more, because I was expecting next to nothing from the experience. Since then, I received the dvd for Christmas and have had occasion to watch it many times ?. Or at least a few scenes that I really like; battles and chases?. Battle and chases? what A BOY I AM?

Fox has been showing the older star wars for the last few weeks. I am presently sitting here, waiting for M. to get back from her mother?s day trip, watching ewoks?. I would still like to shove dynamite up all their fussy little teddy bear asses and see them explode and fly up into the air like rockets and splatter on the trees? Now thAT WOULd make me laugh.

Even they are forgiven my anger as I wait for the new film to come out? Oh, I?m fucking lying? I hate those damn wookies? and I hate that one of the evil tribes comes off as Japanese, the dum tribe of ugly, computer generated equatic animals as blacks.

Merely having a couple black guys on the team would have said more to little black kids in the theater. They did get better about this? Maybe I am being petulant here, kind of jelous and snooty? I love George Lucas. Why Not? He says he is going to go off now and do Art Films? Says he has been saving his money, and has like ten movies lined up. What a gas it will be if he makes these blow em away popular films; perhaps that would be the talent which finally wakes up his critics and tells them to just watch the story on the big, big screen and trust that this 14 hour film will make you feel alright. Alright?

Steal from me and you will be cursed in such a way that your hands turn into worthless, jelly fish like appendages that sting your intimates. Or sued or something bad like that...

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