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Friday, June 17, 2005


Blog entry/june

This is the voice in my head that is not 'thriving' in an unjust capitalistic system that rewards those who are most like the present rulers--which is by and large a group of people I find amoral and repugnant. Has anything changed from the feudal times when you think of politics in this way? Those who sucked up to the Kings were allowed to thrive, while those who crossed them were wiped out. And those who sucked up to the local lords were allowed to thrive, while those who crossed them were wiped out... right on down to a husband beating a wife, to the smallest kid kicking the cat. Just a sickening way to be a human being.

We see the Bush administration taking the side of the oil company's against the common good, as well as supporting the drilling the arctic, the lack of funding for domestic issues, a tax cut for the rich that cuts funding for the poor and disenfranchised . . . The list of ways in which the elitist Bush has acted against what is good for most people is as long as any Republicans. They thrive on doing what is right for business, as much because they have the most money to give them to fight off attacks on their spot on top of the hill, as because the connectives actually see business as the new modern savior. God is dead, might as believe in the almighty dollar. Makes you wonder which happened first, the death of god or the worship of the little green false idol.
The Republishits even feel forgiven when they work heart attack hours and treat people like shit for a few pennies to get a few more work hours out of them, or steal from their retirees and send them to the poor house.... the list is way long enough to kill people with boredom should I write them all down. Enron to . . . every town has a few.

Arthur Anderson is here -- Enron¢s accounting firm. Hundreds of good people lost thief livelihoods and retirement funds because a few republicans decided that they would do anything possible to get more money...only in a culture that is half crazy in its frenzy feeding on stuff and more stuff and new and improved stuff.

The trickle down effect is how they want to tell the story of why bush cut their taxes and our social services, public transportation, schools... This is much like sloppy fourths or something.
"Yea, you see, you poor folk, young folk, and old folk, the money will be given to rich people, then they can give you their crumbs as tips for wiping their asses with our noses.

People in this country forget to be angered by the inequities of capitalism... I know I do. This democracy is too full of ignorant and easily swayed people to work correctly. Republicans can steal elections; rich singers can fuck kids; rich sportos can kill their wives and lovers; the mayor of Chicago stands at the center of a crowd of people going to jail, and yet we are expected to believe he knows nothing about any of them? City workers were out selling heroin during their days. What would happen in a real business if something like this happened... well, let's face it, like the news footage of all the postal workers drinking forty ouncers downtown outside of the main post office, this just would not happen in private business.

The trick is to be pro business and still not a capitalist. I feel like a limited form of capitalism well ensconced in socialistic humanity is what we need. Money should be phased out of use. People should work and get what they need, work more and get what they want. Up to twenty hours a week. Give away the food. Give away the toilet paper. Give away the houses... Everything given according to need.

Ayn Rand argued that people would just lay around doing nothing, and become stupid without business. No. They would do more art, have more sex, go to more concerts . . . the rich usually believe along the lines of Ann Rand. As if the leaders of business should be in charge of the rest of us, because without our boss/saviors, we would be like children unable to live. This is the same argument that slave owners made about blacks here in back during our u


Justin said...

Wow, that straw man took a beating. We need more of that passionate reasoning, you know, speaking truth to power. ONLY, MORE CAPITALS NEXT TIME!

However, if I may interject for a moment--the purpose of capitalism, the free trade of property rights, is to have the government behave neither pro-business nor pro-consumer, letting the private parties agree to the terms of the deal themselves.

But your toilet paper utopia is not out of reach even in capitalist nations. You are free to voluntarily join a commune or any other such arrangement you find, instead of literally forcing yourself onto others.

I'm not necessarily opposed to the toilet paper idea, BTW. I'm just curious of how you would decide how much to produce, where at, what quality, who produces what, and so forth in the production line. You know, the same questions socialists have failed to account for in the last 150 years with regimes that have no place for property rights and no monetary system for exchange.

Moving on. In feudal Europe, what separated people was who ate and who starved. Now the divide is who drives a Benz and who drives a used Ford, who eats steak and who eats quarter-pounders.

It is a mistake to look at income as the measuring stick for equality. Instead look for what you can actually buy with that income. Whenever you find a high-priced product, there is bound to be a much cheaper alternative, For example, the Whole Foods vs. evil Wal-Mart scenario.

But you are right in one regard. There are two sets of people: those who serve the needs of consumers and those who don't.

And if you wish to discuss slavery, then understand that it was the mechanization of agriculture under capitalism that exposed the inefficiencies and wastefulness of involuntary servitude.

johnny pain said...

I am 'right in one regard' just makes my day justin. Thank you for the applause. By the way, you're sense of capatlism as the great savior is showing. To say that argiculture was mechanized by capatalists and this ended slavery is about as flag waving as I can stomach. Without slaves, they were forced to build these devices. Slavery fell first.

As far as the purpose of capatlism being some kind of fair balance between consumers and businesses, well that is an ideal meant for Paintopia, not this world. Look at the banana republics, the oil concerns here, and the many, many places that business has destroyed the environment with the backing and aide of their buddies in politics. It is important to remember that all political formulas are fiction, and only the force produced is real.

johnny pain said...

Oh, thank you for the advice on capitalization, too... you ARE RIGHT, I do need to USE THEM more.