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Monday, July 04, 2005


This goes on at a subconscious level, no matter how you scoff at the claim that the new and improved hand products are the best in the world and all that other hyperbole....

According to Milton Glaser, who was on PBS this morning and is one of the most astute minds possible, watching those millions of advertisements on TV makes a creation of jittery electric currents run back and forth madly through your mind screaming, "I WANT THAT NEW THINGAMAJIG!!!!!"

Even as we scoff at ads and know they lie, this process takes place on a subconscious level. The lucky charms elf sticks his little dick right into your gray brain and spews out a clouds of anxiety that waft through your chest, smash into your heart and set it pounding.

Research shows the ads on TV can cause anxiety in people, because they see millions of bright and shiny beads and thingies that they do not have. Simple enough: we primates want to touch shiny things and look at them -- we are curious apes. When we can't do this, anxiety creeps in from our primordial mind...

Ads work so well all around us are people dedicating their lives to buying new and improved gadgets and whimsy's.

You should know that below your radar, the ads are telling you something that you believe heart and soul, though you don't know why? No matter how much you scoff/ how much you scoff/how much you scoff (advertisements just repeat their main points until your subconscious understands) at the claim that the new and improved products are the best in the world and all that other hyperbole, you are absorbing them into yourself. You are more than likely an anxiety driven lifestyle based on living out an advertisement which lies and lies...The entire culture is like this now, to some extent.

Why we allow something to cause anxiety in the entire population is a much more complex story...

Very bad things are happening to our culture because of our constant exposure to advertisements. One is that since we are trained to accept being lied to, we expect lies, and thus accept lying politicians.

Think now of the zillions of advertisements you have read; we see them from childhood to grave in this criminally consuming culture. They have effected us, just like anything in a humans environment will. We expect politicians to lie, and when they get caught, it is no big deal..

Politicians flip-flop on issues all the time; a lot of them check to see what the people in their districts want and just go with whatever will get them re-reelected, promising whatever the hell, since no one really expects them to do anything they say on the campaign trail.

Four or Five presidents have been elected because of promises of a national health care system. Some of them went on to be very popular presidents, like Clinton (who as a student of politics, was surely aware that this issue would get him elected, because he was literally saying that he would give people free health care, and not too many people are against that). When the politicians flip flop on an issue for whatever reason, we merely accept that they often lie while trying to get elected. He went on and got reelected, despite the blow job, cigar, lying his ass off... Because, he's a politician, and that is part of the job. Same with salesmen; I was in sales, and know all the seemingly harmless lies they tell... 'just happened to be in the neighborhood,' or whatever...

Everyone accepts these things in our society. A lot of people accept Bush stealing the election in 2004 (or at least trying his damnedest, through his brother's political organization, to do so). Why was there no marching in the streets, like there is in a lot countries when something like this happens?

We like to think it is because we are civilized, but no...

It is because we expect our politicians to be sleazy, and advertisements have made us accept the fact that we live in an environment where we hear a lot of lies. An election in a consumer culture is all about what will be get one elected and be easily believed, not what the truth is... No, not what the truth is at all..

The kicker is that even though we know the ads and politicians lie, we merely accept this. We have become a passive electorate that the politicians can count on to be manipulated into supporting them by using lying images. Like evoking God and JFK and Lincoln and other icons that they try to associate themselves with even when it is a total lie, purely because underneath your radar, this works great on people raised watching advertisements.

And this has happens subliminally, below the surface of your pea of consciousness; the proof of this is that despite your head knowing the images are lies and how much you 'scoff' at the claims of the salesmen hawking knives on late night television, the advertisement does it's job anyways. You like the looks of those knives, and become anxious because you can't get them, and relieved and happy if you do. This is why those infomercials are so successful.


Research shows that ads like on TV can cause anxiety in people because they want all these bright and shiny things that they can't have.

REMEMBER: No matter how you scoff/how much you scoff at the claim that the new and improved products are the best in the world and LOTS OF OTHER HYPERBOLE, this conditioning of your brain goes on -- in that part of your brain that is not a part of you that you think of as you.


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