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Monday, June 29, 2009

Once more.... I was not involved in the Green River killings ... that much.

Johnny Pain here... I know that I haven't been in here writing about my murderous ways very much. Had to go a little underground there for awhile, to keep the Obama campaigns murders quiet. Did a little contract work, for the hell of it, like the Rev. Fallwell job... a heart attack they called it in the paper. I got that license to kill so they can't say or do shit because it is a national security issue. I can talk about this because of certain arrangements I made with the government. I did some work for them, they let me kill... they know I stick to scumbags, or people who annoy me... or people who say hi to me when I am in certain moods.

I was raised in a family of serial killers. We go way back. There is a religious streak to our missions that dates make hundreds of years, but mostly all I know is that my family is deadly as hell, and we never make it through the holidays without someone killing this cousin, or that uncle or sister... Hell, I shot my sister dead last year for something... I can't remember. A couple cousins. I did not start it. Ma shot my brother Sol when he said that he was going to call the police about something or another. He had married into the family, but that was not enough to protect him from saying something about calling the cops in front of my mom. She shot him dead right there at the table.

But me... and the green river killings... well... that was just sick. Horrible stuff. Pay whores, do not kill them. Period. People who break this rule should be shot down like someone I catch leaning on my car or something.

Honestly, folks...

There is not one shred of evidence tying me to the serial murders known as The Green River Slayings. Yes, Gary told me it was cheaper to kill prostitutes than pay them, but I thought he was kidding. This led to a serious surprise the first time we partied hard with coke and whores, obviously. I met him through Charlie Sheen, who just didn't seem... Read More to give a dam when Gary killed the prostitutes... he just kept going at them... like they were still alive. OH, good times, good times... I mean, for shame... for shame.

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