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Friday, June 24, 2005

johnny pain e books....

Watch your women, hide the wombats, and grease down the squash.... Johnny Pain is going to start putting out e books. I have three entirely written. One War, my experimental novel about a CIA agent, a think tank, and a poet; another of my short stories; at least one best of this fucking blog--with an emphasis on comedy and atheism and having all the different themes and narrations in here compiled together....

I always sort of dreaded the thought of self publishing. Thought of it as something bad writers did. Even though this is how leaves of grass and many, many memorible books began, it is not exactly as encouraging as having a publisher believe in me enough to put up their bucks....

Still, better that I throw my voice into the areana, rather than sit here silently pretending everything will be alright without any effort on my part... because for one, there are not enough books from an atheistic perspective. I fear a time when everyone follows the mystic mind fuck of some religion or another. Humans have been desimated from times before the reach of memory by this or that version of nationalistic/church/personality cults, all in the name of propping up their mania no matter who has to die.
The fucking self help books clutter the shelf with plastic religiousity -- in forms with gods and without, ranging from subculteral induced manias to psycho-rabble. I figure as long as my book can keep ten thousand people from sticking their heads up their asses for good, I will have accomplished something extrodinary with my life.

I want to be literatures atheist... one of the voices which is not addled by the fleeting viruses of his time... yea, right...

Anything I can do to help destroy the boof belief that the only way to have a meaningful life is to lie to yourself all the time every doggone day for all your life...... I will do.,.. if it is easy. Very, very easy... because I suck.

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