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Friday, July 08, 2005

continuing my novel notes.

aldmo... made a rap album, that a producer from germany erased all the profanity off of and put in horns, and then sold copies at a christian music festival. This then took off, and Aldmo, who was just out of the Marines and wanting to do anything other than go straight -- he had conformed and did his duty and wanted to his own thing now, thank you very much. He had no money though, certainly not enough for weed and studio time. So, he went along with the german producer, and soon was a big hit on the christiam radio network in Germany. The record shot to number one on the first day out, and the next day the scandel broke. Sales for the second day were non-existent, as Christians across Germany pulled the vile cursing rap album fro their stores.

On the first night of his German toour, a good three weeks before he would be shown to be a fraud, a group of pentecostal kids, all seventeen and total virgins filled with pentup horniness because they were all so well brain washed into their weird little sect that they kept their genitals to themselves -- and indeed, touched them only while sleeping to the boys, and riding horses, in the case of two blonde twins, who could simply not helpthemselves after hours of gentle and rough clitorial rubbing from the soft yet still firm saddle horn. Aldmo was smoking as much weed as possible on the tour, and trying very hard not to talk. He was used to cussing all the time. Bitch, ho, nigger, cunt, fag.... he never knew when he was going to say a few choice words, and actually feared, with a paranoia that the pot he was always smoking made worse, that he would curse sometime in front of the microphone and the entire crowd of clean cut white Christians would just go apeshit and attack the stage and just tear him into little handfulls of red gunk...

The kids who would soon enough make up the 'Church Of Aldmo God Of Diamonds and Gold and Mercedes Esquire,' were in his dressing room before the show. None of them had smelled weed before, and keep mentioning that his american cigarette smelled different than theirs. He responded, "Yes, god knows I will stop this vile habit, but for now, the devils just got me a little bit."

"What do you mean, the devils got you a little bit?"
"I mean... well, like when you be thinking about some bi... baby doll girl, whatever... or you ladies start thinking about some beefy guy who makes your little rugs damp... Yea, then the devils just getting you a little bit. God don't mind so much, as long as you don't start listening to that little devil and following his advice. Not even god could get rid of the devil, so what the hell we doing thinking we can?"

"What's this mean, 'little rugs damp?"

"Oh, yea... In american, we say that women are like rugs... and uhm, they should be clean... and you know what I mean by clean?"

"Oh, yes... Do you have your own church?" A young girl with eyes as blue and clear as a wolves asked.

"No, oh no..." He replied,

That was all that was said before the concert, as Aldmo was cut off by his producer, and dragged rather reluctantly out onto the stage. The show was his worst ever. Wiuthout his curses, he kept forgoting the words... finally, he just started saying the word over and over in every song, for an entire half hour. The crowds frenzy seemed to grow with every jesus, until finally the christians were going all crazy in front of the stage and Aldmo had a vision... the crowds seemed to part for a second and become a perfect dollar sign. He started noticing the t shirts being sold and the pop and all the people who had bought fifty dollar tickets to see a bunch of unknown christian singers. The german kids who won the contest were entranced even more than the other kids... the mistake their contact high from aldmo's weed as a religion. In the states, Aldmo then has to convince his cult that the pot smell is special incense, like Christ burned... Christs burning of incense is in fact a tenant in the scriptures of the first unitied bible bible vhurch of of admo cornelius muhammed Esq.

Aldmo just goes by the name al with most people, but the cult always calls him by his full name. EVEN during severe crises, which drives aldmo and others around batty at least once in the book.

Aldmo at first tries to get rid of his groupies, but they keep following him. He then finds out they have been excummunicated for hearing his music. They have no where to go... since aldmo is more or less a responsible guy, and his years in the marines have him thinking he is something of an action hero (he broke up a gang fight once and had built the scene into mental basis for tales of his dangerous physical prowess,.

Okay, this is aldmo.... or at least his back story. This is the story that brings him to the action; all shit that happened before the book. The story could be told by artmo, to johnny pain, who is writing a story about him, which he pretends will be a tract that the church can use, though it is really an expose.

The story... scenes needed to move along the dog fighting scenes, and the themes to be explored: how our society treats the innocent, and a new morality that transcends all religious views. I guess this would have to be science. None of them should deny science, except the crystal guy... who will of course use any science to back up his own theories.

What brings them together is self welfare, pure and simple. They do not necessarily like each other, and are at odds in ways that are too deep for them to change at this point in their lives.

scenes: 1) johnny pain talking to a missionary. johnny pain talking to aldmo. Johnny pain beating up gang banger. Aldmo going around to the different people in the building and asking of their help. He also turns his cult into an armed force, and starts preaching to them that they are going to go through their trials, but not against the state, like all the crazy cults he is always comparing to theirs, but against a gang of satan inspired dog fighters.

attacking the dog fight. okay this is five basic scenes.

the conflict starts with the dog fight, and that should kick off the book, too. After this scene, the others can come to his aide, just enough to stop other gang bangers from jumping on Johnny. The gang bangers leave screaming they will be back. Aldmo has come to his aide, because he has wanted to meet the writer for some time. Yet, everyone he asked ot introduce him had made excuses, because they were sure the atheistic Pain, who sounded like a reactionary hard ass half the time and claimed to hate all religions equally, would rip into aldmo.

Aldmo then goes to his cult and stirs them up. One of them is dispatched to buy a gun...

Wait, I am trying to think of this in a such a straight way, like one war, but the plot is not for a basically realistic book, but one that is fantastic, and should well be plotted in a way that takes this into account.

How about one of aldmos people doing miracles? I can also make this universe they act in different than here. There can be monsters, aleins... but the enemy of the actual themes has to be real and ever present, if there indeed is one...

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