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Saturday, July 09, 2005

blogger kidnaps, rapes and kills....

and no, it wasn't me... believe me, if I did a crime you would not hear about it on this blog, but I am no criminal. I simply feel what other people are feeling way too much to want them to feel horror or pain or anything bad if possible.

This is the difference between me and killers, of course. They lack the ability to relate to the pain they are causing in a normal manner. Instead, the pain of others registers in their mind as sexual stimulation.

I was watching the latest news last night of a psycho killer, with my usual interest... which is the interest of someone who really wants to know the enemies face. This beahvioral template is available to all humans, depending on the usual suspects -- environmental hells and chemical/physical anomalies; so there is going to always be these fucking freaks who should have been killed the first time they proved that they don't give a shit what other people are feeling... And so the monsters will go on being created; at least without total genetic engineering, which will start the day enough people can afford the procedure and thus make it profitable to capatilists, you can fucking bet.....

The idea of living without emotions sounds like a good way to be, in ways... to be unaffected by the horror, the horror... at times, during war and crime, people have to rise above.... the problem is one of lifes zillion fucking dark ironies, you cannot selectively cut off your emoitional life; it is all or nothing, and even then hardly complete. Anger and frustration simply refuse to leave, but happiness, love and other feelings that warm the heart disappear... cold hearted bastards need to be shot before they do another crime; prisoners do not deserve to be housed with killer rapists like this.

If they have proven, as they seemingly have, that pedophiles can be identified young and still fail to be rehabilitated, then why not shoot them? Anyone who has no compunction about rape and death is a dangerous defect (and no, I do not consider any other way of being born a human a defect, more an obstacle, and even the worst of them are not serious enough for this). In a prison population, an individual who causes great risks to others is marked for death. Same with China, and other countries where the government is run first and foremost for the masses, rather than a few business concerns and a lawyer class.

This freakiller I am writing about, very rambly on this buzzy saturday afternoon as I drink coffee, smoke peach flavored tobacco and green stickies, is too gross to be mentioned, let alone his website. I watched a news program on this bastard, and the quotes from his blog I read were enough to give me a heart ach. He as much as says he is a criminal, and a pedophile at that... and no one turned him in. He could have been stopped before he killed two adults and three children and kept a young girl as his sex slave. He was another one of those guys who the system has known well since he was sixteen and bound and raped a 14 year old boy.

I wonder if anyone read his blog? One would think a few people would have stumbled in, but who knows??? I register my blogs all over so people can find them. Maybe he didn't? Anyways, if I had come across his blog talking about pedophilia and getting away with crimes, I would have done all that is possible to protect the innocent from violence and rape. Like any adult would. Yet seemingly no one reported this sicko. I SURE AS HELL HOPE THEY DO NEXT TIME...


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