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Saturday, July 09, 2005

+NEXT MONTH will be the time to start getting the new show together.

The Elves Attic Live, the series of literary readings that I was hosting at the Big Star Cafe, are sorely missed. I liked the people who showed up a lot, and the rush of being on stage getting laughs is pretty kicking. THe motivation to write comedy every week was good to experience, gave me a lot of laughs and forced me to expand my literary horizons a bit more.

Now, it is time to start again. Well, it will be as soon as we have finished this move, or at least have the work entailed done. I need to find a place first. You would think this would be harder than it is until you get into the game. Anyplace that does not have a show, wouldn't mind having one on their slow nights. They get free customers and a show. We don't ever want to charge for these shows. Period. I am not doing them for money.

I have a much better stable of writers and listeners at my behest than before this last reading, obvously. They will come if I ask, some to them all. And since the venue and a lot of people will be new, I can take out all the material I wrote last year, and organize it and read it again. I keep meaning to put together all the hamster jokes, essays, poems, etc... into a blog that can be more easily perused than this one. I need a website, but that involves more techie knowledge than I have at the moment... I will keep learning in this regard until the day I die, though, so...

Tonight we are going to another play, this one basically set around singing french songs from the twenties. As always, we were promised 'comp' tickets, and then for some reason ended up paying anyways. This happens all the time to me. I feel like we are being taken, even if we do get some kind of discount. And of course they are never plays that are at the top of my see list, merely the productions of people I vaguely know. Any play is worth seeing to me, in a way... I mean, this is why I live in a city... for the culture.

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