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Sunday, February 26, 2006

i wish i could have been aborted

by johnny pain2.25.066:43 PM

You would think that having fetuses vacumed out of vaginas would be a concern only of young women who have no idea how they could raise a child, or a parent they fear even telling of the problem, or an insistent boyfriend, or even a medical fear of having their quims stretched out -- (I can relate, I mean, think of how much guys would like having an infant shoved up their asses; and if they do seem like they would like this, wait until they are sleeping, take a chef's knife and stab down deep into their hearts). Unfortunatly, no, impregnated women are not soon to be making this decision... No, fat, stuck up, myth addled white men, Republicans, are using the issue to get votes from the right wing christians, and by god they have no belief in your freedom of choice what--so--ever. . .

If they ban abortion, this means they would be legally censoring behavior to the dictates of their religion... some seperation of church and state, huh? The fucking elephant blowing Republicans act like they believe in the constitution, and it is just that -- an act. 'Every political formula is fiction; only the force produced is real,' says the book irregular modern warfare, and I believe it to be true. M. does not want to have children, and would certainly have entertained an abortion if she had gotten pregnant. I had my seed ripped out of a quim once. In Toledo, Ohio, with a woman who was my wife at the time. Back in 1982, I think. She was on a medication that was known to cause birth defects, and told me about her decision at the same time that she told me she was pregnant. Neither of us were joyous over the event, believe me.... And then... there were FUCKING Christ-o's out in front of the place with a garbage can filled with dolls that had been splashed with red paint. I guess there was also some fool walking around carrying a cross. Talk about putting your nose in other people's business!!! They made a bad situation for all even worse with their posters of grotesque fetuses... As I drove up they parted to let me in... or I would have ran their asses over!!! I WANTED TO KILL THEM... still do. I also wish I had a twenty year old son. And that taffy and milk chocolate trees were growing everywhere.

If abortion were merely an issue of sensibilities, I would say that her body is her body, and take the women's side over the myth addled any day. I would chalk this up to another instance of the mind mushed trying to make their myth work in the real world, where it often does as much harm as good. But, studies show that in areas with abortion, crime drops like twenty percent. This happened like twenty years after abortions were legalized in the state. Seems to show that women who aborted thier children, were actually getting rid of quite a few future criminals. These women are probably more concerned about themselves than not creating criminals, of course, but they were getting rid of fetuses that they could not raise properly.

This means abortions lower the crime rate. This makes this issue not between the right wing boofs and the women's rights workers... this makes this an issue for our entire society.

We would not want dogs raised in the environments some of these abortions were going to end up in, and we sure as hell don't want to deal with the warped kids raised there.So if these bastards get this legislation through the supreme court, expect those 'super predators' they used to talk about to be more and more frequently in the news over killing people like you and me.Stop Abortion = More Crime. The only arguements for stopping abortion are based upon myths and fallacies.

Do you want to live by myths, with no hope of ever getting your head out of your asses???? Oh, the smell, the smell!! Then go ahead. Some people need to keep their heads in their asses to bear up to the horrors of the every day battering of emotions, not to mention shit like floods, wars. But DO NOT TRY TO TELL ME HOW I HAVE TO LIVE.

Take this freedom away from the women and they will riot in the streets, if they have any sense (of course whether they have any sense or not is questionable)..... yea, this is everyone's issue, and we all shouldbe up in arms over this shit... except me, I get to have sense and not protest in any way, because I am more valuable to the world writing. And that's my story and I am sticking to it... I guess I should add that if you are one of those people who just has to kill somebody over issues like this, I cannot legally tell you who or why or what method to use, but I can say you'd be my hero, and I'd probably take a collect phone call from you in jail and say nice stuff and make you laugh. . . not that I would think you had approached the issue the best way.

Killing people for a cause makes everyone look bad.

Like the people who spiked trees and caused lumber jacks to get injured. They are just working grunts with no more control over the logging industry than me, so hurting them was stupid. People now hear the term 'tree hugger' and hate the folk.

So, what can we do to stop this? Senators and congress people can fight this down, perhaps... but the supreme court is packed with people who are against abortion, and now that south dakota is banning them, they will end up in front of the supreme court battling their case...Good bye Roe vs Wade is practically already here. Sorry to see it in my life time.... this little splinter of time that I breath is about to step back in time.

Damn it, I'm going to have to grease up my guns, oil down the mortar and figure out exactly which politicians used this issue to get elected, and which ones were genuinely christians. I'd have to kill the latter first, since they are the most despicable. Then I would go after the ones who appealed to the most base impulses of the jesus gibbering to gain office second. Have to take down at least ten of them, just to be sure I have that killing feel out of my system before I come home. M will kick my ass if I kill something in the apartment and go and get blood everywhere again.Y

ea, and next time my trigger finger gets itchy, I'm pulling a drive by on the protestors outside of this abortion clinic on western. They love fantasizing themselves into people on an important mission from god, the drama queens. Give them some actual drama, and they'll probably break out in toungue speaking and wet themselves as they line up to be martyred. Well, I suppose I will have to run this by the neighborhood dogs. Ever since that frying pan grew mysteriously quiet, they are giving me signals on who to kill, as well as, I might add, the run down on alein abductions and who killed jfk, bobby, and Martin... not to mention the best damn definition of iambic pentameter I have had the pleasure of hearing.T


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