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Friday, February 24, 2006

who'd of thunk it?????

The Fridlips came to power when I was a 67 year old. Surprised the hell out of me. Up until then, I really thought the world was a bit smarter than that on average, but I was obviously tragically wrong. The leader of a religion voted into the leadership of The One World Government?

When I was young, we would never have done this. Back then, the point was to let others live as they would, as long as no one else was getting hurt. Back then, though, our politicians were too smart to put much faith in religion, so they just pretended enough to appear to be religous, as any good machaivellian will tell you a leader must to get enough votes to maintain control of a pseudo-democracy. The madness of having the masses vote something into being is wild and uncontrollable, and they finally did it, voted in what we all feared, the rough hewn, populous candidate who decided to stay on past the eight years; the one with the army behind him, the one we found out wouldn't be leaving the throne after eight years; the one whodecided that since he had the armies to do it, he would keep the post indefinatly . . . Religous justifications were given, and within about twenty years, anyone who doubted the veracity of the priest/politico's was considered a heretic and jailed. Until they could be reprogramed -- by then the governement priests had brain washing techniques long perfected and knew how to produce whichever personality best suited their needs.

Religion was not always the controlling power in the world. My grandkids don't believe me when I tell them this. They think life on earth is always as it is now, like they have been taught in a thousand ways by the time they are three... the puppets on Sesame Street lying... that would not have happened when I was a child. I know that there was a society before the one we live in... I know what they do to people who Blashpehmy. For 157 years I have forced myself not to judge them.

I was a good citizen, a popular comedian for awhile.I don't when or exactly why i started writing about anything except politics and religions. I guess, like my manager told me at the time, and as I repeated over cocktails a thousand times over the years, I wanted people of all religions and political stripes to be my fans, buy my books and cd's. I told this line to my radical friends, of which I had quite a few back then. They still thought I was selling out, and slowly the dissolved, never again to be seen in my life. . . until they appeared in the paper after their arrests. I think it is truer that I did what I did to protect my family.
I did not like the take over by the ridiculously named Our Smiling Peace Ruler Dude Divine Leader Of The Fridlips. Back then, had I been alone, I think I would have just let myself die. I have always told myselt that I do this for my family... I have to believe as much. The alternative, that I am a coward, is to horrorifying for me to entertain. A lot of my friends, in that time, organized a march or something like that, full well knowing they were going to be tortured and killed -- they commited suicide by state.

Not me, I carried my cross through the world. First for the faces of my children, and then my grandchildren, and soon my great, great, great, great grandchildren... all happily living in the blissful ignorance of their youth. Their life has to be allowed to go on. Even if they are religious puppets of the Absurdist's Sect... So I reminded myself of what happens to the family's of heretics, and stayed silent.My last hope is that these words will spread like an infection from mind to mind. There is probably about a zero chance this little thought room of mine will survive this time. Humans being what they are, some person who doesn't fit the mold, will someday rediscover the idea of atheism. I have been secretly talking to Jacob 87987.

I may have planted the seeds of scepticism in his mind, though that seems grandiose when I write it on this page. When I told him this, it truly seemed that I was preserving something vital and important. More than likely, all I have given him 'is an odd memory of his grandfather, when he was old and starting to show the first signs of senility, babbling about something that he knew, from reading history books no less, did not happen. The Fridlips rewrote the past too radically for anyone from my time to recognize the planet.

NOW the world has always been just as it is, created in one fell swoop by The Super Dope Dude (their label for their god was once laughable to me; after all these years, even I say the words with a bit of reverence. Such an absurd old man I have become. I awoke one morning and the world was filled with cockroaches, though I was fine... I make reference to a writer who existed in the time they say no longer exists, Kafka; he lived years before me even, back then were all these different religions and they all despised each other to one degree or another -- one, the Jews, which Kafka was, were particularly picked on. He felt like learning he was a Jew was like being turned into a cockroach.

Jacob 97987 has been taught the word. He knows not to say it, and has kept our secret for nearly four years, from the age of seven to eleven. Even though I have seldom lived up to the words, I have always said that the reason to live this horrorifying life is to stop the horrorifying. At least a little bit, what we can; as much as one grain of sand can effect the ocean. The best of us have become urban missionaries, take the time to put together baskets for the poor, run soup kitchens and second hand stores, nurture the youth. They are the ones who focus on the problems in the now, instead of protesting some unstoppable war. . . spend their time putting together baskets for the poor, running the soap kitchens and second hand clothing stores, nurturing the youth. They seem to count to me, are like secular saints to me, an atheist even after over a hundred years of living in a world where the word does not exist. Tthe children now, they are raised under the new religous dictates where the word 'secular' -- and indeed the entire concept of the secular, is never inserted into their questing minds. Dictionaries no longer have this word, and of course they don't have THE WORD -- atheist. T

he kids are given the answers that best suit the state, and nothing more. They are supposed to be carefully constructed personalites that are best suited toward the produce and consume marketthat the wealthy have decided upon -- their decision, no doubt, colored by the fact that they do not want their lives of consument idle and luxury to be jepradized. The wasteful sides of us are being bred out genetically, so parents can be sure that their child will fit in; they are lowering intellegences and destroying parts of the brain that critically think. They are better off being A Smily Fit In, as the government describes 'the healty consumer product' that results from the Whacky Wonderful Surgery. as the commercials call it when the state begs expecting mothers to get the surgery for their squalling whelps )conversly, they also show dark, horrorifying commercials about the results of not having the childs brain scrambled; shots of a lone man, looking at the ground, his face filled with his psycic pain). A tube is inserted into the nose, right up into the brain, then swished about all haphazardly, destroying the right side of the frontal lobe, getting rid of creativity and higher language skills in the process. They seem so happy afterwards. The mandatory drugs certainly help.

Lately, for years, I guess now, I have been entirely alone in putting off the 'Smiley Surgery.' Their rituals still make me laugh, actually.... like when they make everyone walk backwards two steps for every one hundred steps forward. They even gain points from this and other religous ridiculousnesses, and can trade them in for various prizes when they get to heaven. They get virgins for so many, motorcycles, luxury cars--always the hottest one on the market at the very moment the new Religous Billboards showing the model go up around town.

The eyesores are very three blocks, by order of the Super Dude. They color them differently in every town, so they do not detract from the natural beauty. . . that is what they say, at least. They look like shit to me, though the more conditioned citizens, like my sons sons and on down the generations thin they are works of art that are somehow better looking than mountains, and streams; or in my case, lake Michigan. None of them could understand why I was saddened by the billboard blocking my view. The hot property now has such views, they tell me. Everyone wants one, they tell me. No one alive now would understand how I used to laugh at the Fridlips . . . They were led by ruthless men, and still are by their children; they are the uneducated, fucking goat farmers from the most backwards parts of the world. They will not read anything except The Fridlips Frapples. They passed laws saying that all dogs must have their genitilia covered, as must sheep and goats, because the leaders knew that they got aroused by the thought of bestiality and could only assume that the masses felt the same way. I had a million jokes come to mind abou that one. . . and like always, I kept my blasphemy to myself. And I laughed inside when I saw all these people, five times a day, putting their elbows to their ears and humming that damn song, "'We Are The State, This Is So We Are,' over and over... ten times. People are solemn during the rituals, take them so fucking seriously.

My generation is almost gone. Soon no one will even remember the ideas that were cherished in my youth. Well, no one except Jacob 87987. . . and I am still not quite sure that he doesn't think he is hearing the babbling of an old man's dementia.... though I am sure that all of this is true. I think it is. Is it? I went to a Priest Talk To who told me the past I remember is false, something inserted in my mind by LEXPODDLEKID, the evil opposite of the Kugldopple, their highest god--thingy.


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