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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I have been thinking about the site in terms of all the serial killer stuff that I am putting on there. I was starting to take it totally in the direction of a sick comment on being desensitized to violence by the media, video game culture, etc... the whole Kill Bill phenomena is gross to me, at heart. Tarantino thinks violence is a dance. He deserves to get his ass really, really fucking kicked once so he can find out just how ugly and brutal and smelly and naseauting it all really is. But... for some reason, I find this character really funny...

You hear artists say all the time, "I am not responsible for how people use my art." They say this after suicides and murders, folk like Marlyn Manson and the Rock Star Video game makers.... I say fuck that, to some degree -- if you don't feel responsible for your art, why would you do it? Art is about communicating with others on very deep levels that defy easy interpretation. So I try to do stuff with stories, usually, even if it is just softening my readers souls toward eccentrics and misfits or druggies or whatever...So along comes all this serial killer stuff that I have been writing about. No one has complained. I keep it so tounge in cheek that if anyone did, I would have the out that it is obviously meant to be funny. But what else is this prose doing?Is it also glorifying violence? I don't want to do that. I started thinking about this topic after coming across a critical article on people who collect Serial Killer momentos and art. I find that sick as hell, and would never in a million years want something like that around me. I would burn it. In fact, I should start buying them up and burning them. I will if I get rich. I find serial killers sick fucks, and interesting only because they are a curiousity in this weird, weird world... and I am curious about how anyone could be like that, and there are a lot of answers--too many for one or ten lifetimes. What am I doing with this serial killing that makes such prose acceptible to an educated, intellectual westerner like myself? I am subverting the very violence that I write about, making fun of the character who kills people, show him to be a reactive asshole who has no feelings for other people. This is how they really are, to a degree... common traits at least. To read prose about serial killers is kind of a hard thing for people to do. Making it funny helps. I am interested in that kind of stuff and read about it, because I don't have whatever twist in my mind that would make me kill. I don't kill insects if I can help it. I do feel like killing sometimes, but that is only because as a writer I feel like I have to be very emotionally honest, but that is a world away from even lightly smacking another human being.So, the people who read my work will apply the context that defines what the term 'serial killer' means as they read this; if they find them sexy, they may find that--certain sicko women do, or they might find that they only like the descriptions of the killing and kind of ignore the humor. Those things could happen, but obviously I have an intent that shows in my work, and they can easily see my intent as well.At the base of all my prose is a kind of working out of the universe, a way of defining the world that is compatible with science and ecology and peace and all the good stuff that people have to cling to to get through the chaos. To do this, I have to write about some dark stuff. That is some of the evidence I need. So how do I get people to come with me down dark paths? A lot of people do not even read the news because it is so depressing. That means that they don't know that there are more slaves right now -- 275million -- than ever before on the planet... or care to do the shit that would stop it... like they were trying to do a hundred years ago with the civil war. But if I write an article saying how cool it is that we have all these slaves, and how the return to slavery is just what we need to get rid of the pesky unions, PEOPLE will learn this and laugh. The laughter is like the yin to the yang. So, that is my justification for writing shit like, "I want to cut your mothers head off and fuck her throat hole... just like I did my dear old mum" as a potential pick up line in a bar... are you buying it?THOU SHALT NOT STEAL THE WRITINGS OF JOHN SCOTT RIDGWAY... YOU CAN EASILY GET PERMISSION FOR A NON COMMERCIAL REPRINT BY CONTACTING MY EMAIL.

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