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Friday, August 11, 2006


When folks are drunk and being arrested and are very, very desperate to get out of the consequences their actions are about to bring down, they can be mean to cops.... this is a manifestation of his alcholism. I for one hope this day goes from tragedy to something he celebrates as the end of his bottled madness.

I grew up on Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome... always got a kick of Mel Gibson. Then came the whole Passion of Christ Thing, and reading about how his dad was a nazi. This isn't enough to condemn someone over, but my weirdo-thinking alarm definantly goes off when someone who's parent was a fanatic about a cause, becomes a fanatic about a cause. Unfortunatly, since my way of thinking is in the minority, my weirdo-thinking alarm is always going off.

ANYTIME A HUMAN decides there is a universal truth, their thinking becomes eskew. My weirdo-thinking alarm is then set off -- whether I am readinng their words, watching their play, whatever... I become suspect of the person's ability to think and learn.


My dad was a fairly intelligent, balanced thinking person. He was certainly not a fanatic about anything, unless you can count his stubborn refusal to be depressed all the time regardless of the Bukowskian nightmares he conjoured. How would I have fared if he were a Nazi?

This is a post modern time, when our parent's beliefs do not necessarily end up being our own. . . right? I like to think so, but then again -- there were no jew-nigger-spic-fag-hating people in my family. They existed in my town, in my neighborhood, in conversations and the jokes I read in National Lampoon, but in my family that was just not the way we were. Now my freinds are people who don't use these words. Our brains are effected by such things

Literally, how we think is based on a couple things. One of them is how well we can make a dialectic in our mind.
How well we can think of an apple, then an orange, then a combination of the two fruits.

This dialectic helps me to look at things grey. My brain does not stop with the initial evidence and make a decision. No. Tell me that god is the creator of a seven day wonder, and this other thought slams into that one saying there is no proof of a god and the concept is being abused and used and whored out all around me... this A + B equals my present mindset, which is that god is relevant as a manifestation of a cloaking mechanism that people use to hide the real world from their eyes.

This equation of course then happens over and over all day in your brain, once it is activated... dialectics rise, merge, then have dialectics with other dialectics. You get the picture... this is how your personal cosmology comes into being. Takes place mostly beyond you, in grunted conversations between cave men dwelling deep in the dark tunnels of your psych...

On the other hand, if the easy answers were good enough for my parents, if they had decided to give into chimp-lies like nationalism, extreme religiousity, nazism, etc... would I have ever even developed the ability to create a dialectic? College should do this, but I have seen stubborn people push their way through an education without learning anything important, so it happens.

I don't know if Mel Gibson went to college or not, or much about him at all, to be honest.... I do know he has lived a worldy life, too worldy to not have had any initial prejudicial infection from his parents challanged again and again by dialectics that pretty much say jews are just people who follow a few religious rituals sometimes, like most the rest of us. . . (though not me, because I am thinking on a plane altogether superior to the god-weasled, of course).

Mel would have said anything to hurt this person. That he fell back on the stupid lies of his nazi father is almost to be expected.

I am more impressed that he is taking full blame for his actions. I mean, what the hell? Drinking too much is a fucked up, diseased way to live. If this gets him to stop, he'll be damn happy this shit happened.... if not, he'll just add it to his pile of regrets.

So, since I am still spending all of my time thinking about this new book instead of writing, here I am jumping on the bloggers opinion of the day!!!!

Man, I'm really blogging now!!!

QUIT CRUCIFYING ME, YOU JEWS!!! The handsome australian rougue told the earnest young officer.

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