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YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENTER WHAT THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY CALLS THE 'WITTING.' The implication being anyone who doesn't know what is truly going on in the world is 'unwitting.' I have an academic/artist background that includes three books, oil painting, radio and tv... though mostly, I write on the web and give the words away. Better read than dead, I always say. I studyied military intelligence, cults, english, history, and philosophy, among other subjects that I took in my quest to have something to say in my work.... I am proud to say I studied under peaceful warriors, like Dr. Danial Stern, an icon in the sixties who hung out with the panthers, dealt with agent provocaters, spies.


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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hey all.... how is it hanging?

i HAVE been slowly changing this blog, putting the new stuff in the religious psycho killers hit list, since that is the name that i decided on for the book. John Scott Ridgway. I was saddened to see they took my lulu listing off of google. I was first. A lot of stuff still comes up on me, but nothing as significant as teh books. I had to go to all my sites and add ways for people to hit the title and get taken to lulu.

I also found out I am not getting a check from the gov. of course. They also screwed meout of my december check, leaving me broke and behind on the rent at christmas. If you know anything about me, you know I fucked with the government but good and they try little humiliations to try to get me to kill myself or whatever. When we were studying a class on the fbi, I found nothing was behond them. They thought they were fighting on the right side. That is problem with history, if we ignore its lessons, sooner or later they will catch up with you.

I have been having fun puttiung music on my sights, watching a lot of documentary on independent docuemtaries.... which will give you an education in the world going on just behind the cloak of lies. This is not a left or right wing thing.... it covers movies of all sorts of genres. From feminism, to how our culture has been effected by consumerism, to michael moores sicko, and a lot of shit on 911 that scares the hell out of me. I know these people who are in power, and they would not hesitate to kill a few americans to get a war going in the middle east to protect the oil. After all,the explosion happened in New yORK, NOT exactly a republican strong hold.. like the reciepients of Aids.... and the blacks the republicans never go talk to during the election cycles.

I have three notebooks of poetry to put in here. I was writing like a mo fo on the jesus poems, and even did a bloody johnny pain for the htt://

Well, I just wanted to type up a few words that tell what itislike tobe meona day to to day. Right now, I am stoned on weed, valium, tranadol, and other shit that Ineed for my back. When I was a kid, I used to think that if I could always have downs and weed that,my life would be perfect. After fifteen years of sobriety I broke my back, and got my wish. God is giving me time to write is allo...

I am going to be writing a lot of war stuff in my new blog general gangsta x.

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