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Thursday, June 12, 2008

obama and mccain -- as i predicted over a year ago

I saw the election coming. Obama wins or people around the world will be disappointed... the promise that america has to become truly multi cultural, to show that we can accept other cultures... and to show the rascists around the world that they are wrong...

There is nothing that stops human conversation from progressing to a solution of a problem like one person thinking they are better than the other. A rascist man can dismiss the problems of another race. Pretend that some genetic problem with a skin pigment is the reason their are ghettos and gangs and prisons bursting with out black brothers.

Another method for a human mind to rationalize away caring about his neighbors. Xenophobia, a left over trait of the ape in us, overcomes their better reason., Like their lusts, they should learn to control their illusion of b eing the enemy of people of other races. Starts with parents wanting their daughters to marry in their religion and shit,

making a distinction between people that places them, of course, at the top of the totem pole. Sickens me to think people of all colors cannot mingle in the realm of love.... that people of poverty and wealth cannot find one another soul mates who treat one another with gentle respect, rather than the bullying of the cruel and deluded males who view their houses as a place where they are the only law -- from the beaters to the rapists to the man who verbally puts down his wife often enough to damage her...

Coming together in a new tribe, whatever it be named, and entering with a solemn promise to never allow skin tone, language, origin or sex to effect your opinion on another person. Such illusions are shed as we all become this new thing... Call It
just Tribe. Not The... Just Tribe.

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