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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


HELL OF A LOT OF THEM.... ACCIDENTLY? And as we sleuths of the human geography know, there are few real accidents, and certainly, when a pattern is developed over years and years, the idea of accident is long dead and gone--mental garbage that only the young and ignorant and stupid believe.

People know the Mayor is corrupt and accept him as some kind of necessary evil. And he does his job exceptionally well sometimes. He does so by raising taxes that pay for the fraudulent practices his people are always up to -- like inflated no bid contracts for all these mafia connected people who Mayor Daly 'accidently' ends up doing business with all the time. And he is the funniest mayor I have ever seen, cracking excellent jokes -- like during the first invasion of Iraq, when he tried to get bush to invade chicago too, so we could get some of the money he was spending to stop the wars in our streets. It was so funny. He is also authentic. He can say what he means without worrying about offending anyone, because he is firmly in control -- virtually untouchable in an election.

This is a mayor whose father rose out of a street gang that basically took over city hall and ran the town. They controlled a vast political machine of unions and other mafia connected organizations -- not to mention, all the guys the mob can gather to political work, then end up getting plum jobs from where they then eventually end up in jail for taking bribes or whatever.
78 of Daly's co-horts have recently been busted and prosecuted by the FBI's Operation Silver Shovel, which taped lots of these fools taking bribes. I can't tell you how many times I saw Daly on tv saying that he 'had no idea this was going on.' His ignorance of such things, over and over, would be enough to get him out of office in a town less accepting of criminals. That is the root of why he is in office, too -- people here put up with him, talk about how he made the city so much safer (that was the FBI, actually, who came storming in one year and seemingly changed the streets forever, making them much cleaner and sans all the drug dealers on the corners -- I witnessed this as a cab driver, and won't never forget; made me an fbi fan).

People think because Daly is slightly or more criminal, he can cut through red tape, get things done. I'ver heard, over and over from friends and the backseat's taxis, voices citing this and that new sculpture or flower pot or whatever, and acting like an honest man could not have done the same.
Where do these urban myths come from? Accident? IS there a master propogandists pulling hidden strings? This probably is just a chance collision of myth and reality.

Daly's victims come in the form of 3.00 taxes on cigarettes and a buck something on gas -- poor taxes. If you are a big company who wants to make money here, Daly will actually give you money and not charge you taxes--they'll just tax the employees to death. THis is the only town I've ever lived in where the Democrats were as evil as the elephants... oh, well. The flowers are in bloom and a party awaits ahead...

To give Daly the benefit of the doubt, and play devils advocate with my own thinking, I did once end up being an honest man in a dishonest environment, when I drove cab, for about four years, for a mafia family. They even had the brother was a lawyer. I lived just a block from the garage, is why I took the job there. I had no idea about their background, but I learned soon enough -- when I got my first ticket in chicago and asked my bosses advice on how to take care of it, he told me the right guy to give fifty bucks to get the ticket erased. I later saw cops pulling up and taking bribes from them for I know not what?
I thought there was a good side of this when I got in an accident that I should have paid hundreds for, and these mob guys covered me. I was thankful until a couple of years later, I was having a conversation my boss and said something shitty about the mob, who had just taken over the cab union and were doing nothing (I went to one meeting and it was being in the Soprano's -- big goons talking in gangster voices actually ran the thing).
He responded by telling me that I should be thankful for them, because they covered my ass in the accident, by blaming it on someone else. Hearing he had made some poor guy pay for my mistake made me feel sick -- I didn't want someone else to take the hit for me. There is a real lesson in here somewhere, about how even the smallest crime creates a victim somewhere....

So Daly's really a ... Again, only time will bring the truth to light.

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