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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

rant on the silly, silly believers of lies, lies, lies...

I saw a show last night on Palastinian terrorists, interviews with a few that were in Israeli custody after involving themselves. When asked why these 24 year old commanders where sending kids to their deaths, the explanations all came back to the 72 virgins, rivers of yogurt (a new one on me) in various flavors, another of NON alcholic wine -- somehow, this made me laugh even after seeing the carnage of their bombs.

I am symphathetic to the Palastinians and the Israeli's, though the fundamentally religious on both sides could be disposed of as far as I am concerned. Without religion, both sides could come together as equals, the descendents of desperate people in desperate times who did desperate things. They could all drink alcholic wine and toast the future, instead of being living eulogies for the past. Living Eulogies. That is what the palastinians are.

The arguements these guys had all sounded logical, to a mind trashed on the silly polymics of war propoganda. Me, the mind attempting to see the world as scientific and pre-scientific, saw only kids playing a stupid game. They think heaven exists and has awards for killing. Only a religion could convince people of something so ass backwards. To fight a war by sending your children out to fight is one thing; sending them to certain death is another altogether. Can you imagine the uproar in a civilized country if we did this? But, the difference is that the people in the camps are depressed and collectively encouraging suicide as a way out; scientifically based cultures do the exact opposite.

It is funny that culture is how we keep the ape in line, but it also has the dark side of perverting what is noble and right in nature. If everyone were forced to read EO Wilson's books and were somehow lead to understand the implications, we could maybe move on beyond the deadly dreams of religion. We could see that apes have some of the traits we consider most noble in ourselves, and they do so without the libraries filled with culture and reasons and gods and what-not. self help books are a great example. Hundreds come out every month and people buy them, live in the dream for a little bit and get some reward, then move on to another dream in another book.

The pseudo science behind most therapy is known to intellectuals -- like the oh so interesting statistics about how psycho therapy actually extends depressions beyond the normal time that they would go away without therapy -- which amounts to paying someone to encourage us to wallow in our own shit. Not to mention that therapists have a vested interest in keeping you sick, because they like your money as much as you do. Don't kid yourself -- 'players only love you when they're playing.'
So.... the upshot of this entry was merely to say that we can give children a view of the world that is emotionally warm and kind and animalistic without a god. The apes did it just because their jocks were all killed off.

I would have loved to have learned this when I was in high school, when I could not understand why interesting women dating weird and brutal men. Those same women want guys like me now. I don't want them though.

I want a weird girl who was ostracized in high school because she is a smart, individual thinker, who, like me, is less bound to the most cliche' ways of being a human than most. I am lucky to have found a woman who values love and fun and honor more than she worships the market and its minoins.
So, ape it up!!!!!

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