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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Edgar Allen Poe --- hoaxster extrodinaire'.

Like I have written in here before, Edgar Allen Poe once wrote serials for newspapers that were fictional, though taken for the truth in a way that we can't imagine now. Now, our consciousness, what you think of yourself, etc. once thought everything it read was true, until the rise of advertisements. Ad's changed the way look at things, who are, etc. There is a book, forgot the title, about the changes that took place in the everyday world of thought that most people live within when advertising started.

I am thinking about Hoax's because of the novel that I am working on. They don't necessarily play a traditional hoax on anyone, but they do use New Journalism techniques, which is a school of writing that merges fiction and reality to get at the higher truth. Tom Wolfe headlines a book filled with new journalist. Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail has a classic scene where hunter s. Is smoking weed in Nixon’s limo, and they drive by the open fuselage of a train and he considers the possibility of blowing up Nixon, before the secret service attacked him or something...

I now have about 30 pages of the book that I am fairly happy with. I have what I have yet to write broke down into writing assignments, so whenever I sit down I know what to do, rather than sit here waiting for some muse to come in and blow inspiration in my ear.
I like framing stories and having characters exploring other characters like they are fictional, in a sense. In my last book, a spy in a think tank has to research a ghostwriter, which allowed me to write in first person, give more voice, have an excuse to be wordy -- the poet's journals is what the passage is called in his journal. I wrote my ass off for years trying to find the perfect words for a very good poet to say, and I don't think I really succeeded at that, but I did find workable words for a novelist.

My girlfriend’s unemployment is set to run out next week, and today she got a job -- temp for 30 days but paying pretty good. The agency is training her in all these programs so she can get about 50k a year -- nine grand more than the job that those fucking 9-11 assholes lost for her by collapsing our economy.

I wanted to say something about those soldiers who mistreated the Iraqi’s just because I seem to be the only one in the world who compares the American military to other militaries -- who rape and pillage and slaughter with barely a word of international out cry --- and see that after being shot at for months by these guys and having your buddies killed, etc. I might get drunk and want to kick one of their asses. I am not saying what they did is right, I am just saying that it needs to be put in an honest perspective -- not one of those 'all Americans are angels' attitude that is fostered so treacle in this here country.

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