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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Love, sex, and all the sticky stuff in between. More on How I was a teenage slut.
had my first real crush on women in porno magazines, when I was really young, six and seven. I had older brothers who were not exactly diescreet about their magazines; the first real love was a girl named lori latissa(or somthing like that). It didn't last long because I was cool, but chubby, and that was too much for a seventh grade girl, I guess.
You have to go a long way, years, up to my next one. Jeannette Graber. She acted like a virgin to get me to think of her as more than a fuck, led me on with head and such for three months, than finally let me fuck her on the very night that I was breaking up with her. I can't remember why?
The next one was dizzy, who I did wrong. I loved her so much and it ended badly, because I had sex with a man and though she did not mind me fucking all kinds of women (she loaned me to freind so she could lose her virginity to a good fuck; they threw a party and all-- there was no penthouse forum ending, either, because like most of my wildest sexual experiences, something went wrong... this involved a guy on the porch, while I was upstairs trying to live up this don juan reputation, screaming at me for 'using' women (he would later turn out to be gay and to have a crush on me). And not only did I have a screaming nelly on the front porch, upstairs was the girlfreind of the girl who was supposed to be llosing her virginity. We could hear her crying occasionally (I would later discover these women were sleeping together). And this was with a ballerina, Gwen, who was one of the best people I ever met. Unfortunatly, I was mentally addled with hormones.
My genes were in control, and all they want is conquest. I wonder if my ancestors, who if you follow this along were the first kings of enlgland (seriously), felt these genes when they went into battle? Was it part of why rape is such a huge part of armies winning battles?
I know I am fundamentally little different in some ways from the men who walked around with my genes some 1600 years ago, but our similarities are more striking. We all acted a little like apes, a little like angels (especially the one who started westminster abbey, and all the ones who joined monastaries (I like to think they joined the intellectual ones, but knowing my family, they might have been at one of the drunken whoring partying monastaries, of which there were quite a few before this and that reformation.
Next on my love roster came a series of faceless women who used me and I used them, the faces of guys bobbing on my crotch that I can barely remember as I'm leanig back against a wall behind some bar, getting blow jobs in front of my freinds because this one chick got off on it and half my freinds were gay at that point and thought it was cool that I was so open.
I really did think I knew it all at seventeen. I spent a year paralyzed before that and read almost three books a day (speed reading, a stupid thing Bill Cosby commercials got me started on that I later learned destroys comprehension --damn bill cosby and his pudding from hell!).

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