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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Is Torture Okay If IT Saves Lives??????

I'm saying yea, but I don't come from a dictatorship in south america.

NETSCAPE NEWS: "Suspected al Qaeda militants killed 16 people, including Westerners, and seized 50 foreign hostages on Saturday in a second major attack in a month aimed at destabilizing the top world oil exporter, Saudi Arabia."

What, exactly, causes some people to engage in sadistic behavior is something of a mystery, they say. But most cite the strangeness of a war zone, where otherwise honorable people - awash in feelings of duty, camaraderie, and revenge - sometimes lose the moral compass that guided their behavior in their former lives.

Some see humankind perpetually struggling with a dark desire to wish enemies humiliated and to laugh when they are.

Christian Science Monitor:

James Waller, social psychologist at Whitman College and author of "Becoming Evil: How Ordinary People Commit Genocide and Mass Killing," says soldiers called upon to humiliate the enemy must either learn to relish the task or run the risk of being paralyzed by guilt.

Yes, they have shown us how noble they are, how well they treat prisoners.
Makes me think about how awful it was for us to try to find out where they were going to strike next, and how to destroy them, by humiliating their manhood (which is a tactic of war more ancient than any language, and I write that as a fact, not with a value judgment attached). Americans collectively gasped over our soldiers, those extensions of ourselves, who were acting like complete boofs (as part of a larger program to get vital information that may have saved your life; about five years ago I saw statistics showing that the fbi/cia had that year stopped over two thousand terrorist attacks before they happened--which astounded me at the time, because so much of that stuff is top secret that little of it is reported on by the press.).
Not to be an apologist for big brother, but believe me,
the CIA would prefer to send an agent into a prisoners cell for coffee and donuts and have them calmly discuss the prisoners past, what their options of punishment or release are, and then give the talkers a break and send the silent ones to jail forever. But, war is not at all like afternoon tea. Getting the intelligence it takes to foil thousands of terrorist attempts takes more than crumpets and a sensible argument. No, they are dealing with prisoners who do not want to give up a promise of 72 virgins to come down and live in this here old world with all its real problems. So, the army tries to balance our commitment to being the good guys with our need to operate in a world filled with bad guys. .
They have to use something more than logic. I think they should be able to drug them up, but only with fun stuff. If that isn't enough, then... well, save a thousand lives. I guess this is my sad, little insignificant opinion. Peace would be so much better, but that has never been an option in my lifetime. .
. The muslims are killing because recent historical events, specifically, allah the virgin promiser/creator of cultures where woman are powerless, slave/servants acceptable, and the excesses of the rich ignored.

I knew some Saudi princes in Toledo. I tutored them for 75 dollars an hour. The one was pious, but my buddy was a weed head and so rich... he had like six cars. He told me that since he was royalty, they didn't have to go through customs, so they would fly to another country, get a bunch of liquor and drugs and whores, and fly them in for a weekend party...He slept with a maid (which he said was done as part of his culture a lot) when he was twelve. I really did like that guy, but I went to dinner one night over there when a bunch of islamic fanatics were there berating him. He kept telling them, and me, that when he went back to Saudi Arabia, he would totally change into a muslim, etc.

He told me once that to see an ankle on a Saudi Arabian woman turned him on more than an American woman in a bikini. Maybe that is why they keep them covered up? To make them more tempting? I can't take any religion seriously, let alone one so barbaric that it says. "Should they see a half clad young boy or a woman's ankle, our men can't be expected to control their urges to rape." To that I say, oh just grow up...

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