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Saturday, May 07, 2005



I imagine a forge on the page
See myself stepping into the first line
Nebulous and unsure of my very existence

Melting down to my essence and pouring into a mold
I become sporto statues on a child?s shelf.
Medals for generals and shackles for thieves

The forge is untrustworthy,
The page prone to sending out grotesqueries
Half done humans missing a few essentials
Predators never-tempered by a mother?s caress

When does the writing become the writer trying to forge a self? Is this possible? L. Ron Hubbard wrote a lot of people into his dream, but did he take himself? One would think, if he were sane enough, he would remember the world before he made up his lies and convinced people to pay dearly for them; before he decided to create a new religion?

An intellectual discovers what the dummest, drunkest Carnie learns too young to remember ? there are marks in this world; people who are easily influenced; to whom belief is an emotional experience without relevance to the facts. They are boring enough to take this little tidbit and use it to manipulate the people they sell themselves to. Like a lot of salesman, the end justifies the means when it comes to getting a commission check (how easily we all sell what we don?t even realize we have!!!!).

Pashaw!!!! L. Ron Hubbard is the easy target. I use him in the stupid belief that everyone has done a search on scientology and realized what scammers they are. The internet, with its various ways to think, may even be the end of such mind tyrannies, but then again, people are so stupid. Me included, of course. Me ? People ? Too. The trick is getting them all to see that other religions started with an L Ron Hubbard/social planner/government intent on mind control/etc? We tend to think that black psy-ops techniques are new, but history is full of examples of brain washed troops walking to their deaths, thinking that they were finally going to get to go play with all their imaginary friends.

Of late, I have read two writers who I love who had to respond to the question, ?Are you going to start a cult,? from people who wished to go into their novels and never leave. They replace their world by slowly allowing their religion to define what words mean.
Instead of how most of us live, where we let the larger, collective consciousness of our time/culture/genetic Imperatives tell us what a hat is? What a car is? Quite often, even what a woman is, and other ridiculously reductive statements that leave much more out of the definition of the word than they actually add....


Steal from me and you will be cursed in such a way that your hands turn into worthless, jelly fish like appendages that sting your intimates. Or sued or something bad like that...

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