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Saturday, May 07, 2005

hawaii five oh, and the invasion of Kirby, the traveling cat

HAWAII FIVE O. Mcgarret is still cool.

Listening to MPR while Hawaii five o putters about on the tv. Tommy wong has done wrong and must pay, even if he is detective Chin?s cousin. They are all so serious on this show. They have no personal life, usually?. There is the chief and his subordinates?. No rancor in the ranks.

Under the sun of satan? is being talked about on the Radio, which is weird since my last intro was ?Under the sky of?? We both play with the same clich??/thought. Bet that is interesting to you, the reader, eh??

This morning is weird. First, I found a stray cat on the stairs. To get on the stairs requires entering a security door, so more than likely the cat is owned by someone in the building. The poor thing is scared to death. Cute as hell, of course, black with white mittens and a real interesting pattern around her face that is incredibly symmetrical. A very uncommonally cute cat? ?Just what I need to replace Mr. Yeats? is of course the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw it (no sex has been determined yet, though I suspect it is a female. Why? Because it was trying to hide on the stairs, freaked out and cold as hell and scared, it had no where to go, could only crouch down on the stairs?. The little thing loved being petted, though? as M. found out when she first discovered the little pilgrim).

I let it in the house and it immediately scurried back into our cluttered dining room, with the dark recesses behind the desks and tables. Ahhh, I figure, the cat is better off hiding someplace it feels safe, rather than being crouched down in the stairs and petrified, as it obviously was. It barely moved when we went out to it, just stayed there all crouched down like the position alone was her best defense?. There is nothing worse than animals tales that end tragically?. This one won?t. I will find the owner or take care of the cat. Period. I will not trust it?s well being to anyone except the people who raised the cat, and are probably here in the building? or out of town? or asleep for the day? who knows????? I could swear I have seen this cat before, so it may be our next door neighbor?s? Who knows?

Well, the cat is safe in our back room?. The walls are lined with boxes and tables and desks, to the point that sitting at the dining room table is like being in a canyon?. I cover a lot of them with a room divider and a stand up Kevin sorbo doing Hercules that is signed?. (this being my only possibility asset in life, it is of course beaten up and was even possibly abused by a stoned guy once? which is why my guide to living on the streets is really going to come in handy one day). M. has so much shit she collects that I would call her problem a neurosis, though I have to say, she seldom buys new stuff to collect since I am around ?. I, the destructor? The accidental destroyer?. yes, I took some of her toys out of their pristine packages and displayed them and played with them and stuff, and indeed she has never let me live down this sin against geeks everywhere. They seemed so wasted somehow, all those gi joe?s and stuff who were stuck in their boxes, destined to become part of some rich gay guys collection one day in the future, which I predict will happen seven months and three days after they pull M. and I? s bodies down from the elf one day, and toss our old carcasses unceremoniously into the dumpster in the alley behind the building.

Now ?I Spy.? Is on. Watching these old shows of late, since the cable bill became outrageous? How could we owe 350 bucks to the cable company, anyways? You see the commercials, it is supposed to be cheap, like 29.00 a month? but that is just basic cable, which is like getting a better apartment in the ghetto, you know? Better just to stick to what you have?. Or better yet, do anything other than just watch tv? not that I don?t love tv?. I do? I would love to do more tv?. But only on my terms, which requires someone to actually knock on my door and hand me a bunch of money, which is not how it happens? I will do no footwork for tv. I am more interested in novels, short stories and essays, and just putting up blather like this up on the net?

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