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Saturday, May 07, 2005

the pain train

A most unusual and typical train ride tonight; I took a seat right in front of a young, very attractive black woman LOUD TALKING rudely into her cell phone. People do this. For a few seconds, fine. It happens. But Loud Talking???? What the hell is that about??? LOUD TALKING LIKE DOUBLES THE ANNOYANCE LEVEL of having to listen to someone talk -- whether we have said to them we want to hear them or not. This is unusual in life. Mostly, people will choose who they have to listen to. Some just choose music, and I was like that for years. Kept me shielded from the sounds of the city, wafted me away from the every day, bringing otherwise non-existent drama to my commute to work, trips to spikes, and adventures with hamsters.

Back to the train. The el in Chicago looks old, is made decrepit by the NICE, NEW buildings surrounding its rusting metal sides; I feel like the old trains with their stench and seventies industrial look are a part of the past already? then I remember that somehow Chicago never has enough money for mass transit? hey, mayor, if you love the environment, get people riding the dam strange trains. Think San Fransisco?s BART, okay?

I should add, getting back to this loud talking on the cell phone? There are different types who are just as self-absorbed as young girls trying to fend off every bit of boredom in their average, average day. The other that comes to mind smell heavily of cologne, clean cut white guys with ties nice suits, shiny shoes and brand new hairdos. They look all dramatic as they LOUD TALK about their serious ?business.? They are like rouge microcosms, oblivious to the feelings of others. People like this see others as hollow; the other commuters on the train as dolls devoid of feelings and thoughts and annoyance at people totally intruding on my space. Kill them without pity.

Steal from me and you will be cursed in such a way that your hands turn into worthless, jelly fish like appendages that sting your intimates. Or sued or something bad like that...

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